The kickoff event has been featured on @DIME.


The kickoff event has been featured on @DIME.

The kickoff event for the “Creating the Best Movies with AI” initiative at UPDATE EARTH 2024 in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, has been featured on @DIME.

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From 4 Months to 40 Minutes:
Director Takashi Miike Talks about AI, Film Production, and the Future

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UPDATE EARTH is a project that conducts entrepreneurship training courses targeting elementary school students to adults nationwide, while simultaneously discovering entrepreneurs who will receive support. The first activity this year was the collaborative event “UPDATE EARTH 2024 MiraiMATSURI @ Maebashi” held in conjunction with Maebashi City.

Among them, what caught my attention was the “Takashi Miike Director × AI Film Production Kickoff Event.” I took the Joetsu Shinkansen and headed to an interview with Director Miike.

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