It has been featured in the Sankei Newspaper.


It has been featured in the Sankei Newspaper.

This initiative was featured in the Sankei Newspaper on March 1st.

Article Headline

“Turning Conventions on Their Head” — Director Takashi Miike Launches Cutting-Edge Film Production Project with AI

Lead (from Sankei Newspaper)

Renowned for films like “One Missed Call,” “Crows Zero,” and “Lesson of the Evil,” director Takashi Miike has launched an AI film production project called “Creating the Best Movies with AI.” The project will kick off at the innovation event “UPDATE EARTH 2024 MIRAI MATSURI @ Maebashi” on the 2nd. Discussing the potential of AI and its impact on the film industry, Miike stated, “It will turn conventions on their head. What’s coming will come, fear or not, so I want to enjoy being at the cutting edge.”


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