Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

we accept submissions of elements other than video, such as AI-related music production and scriptwriting.
The project seeks talent across a wide range of disciplines, and we believe that various creative works will enhance the richness of the project.

We welcome expressions through still images as well as video works.
At the kickoff event on March 2nd, we will project nominated videos on displays set up at the venue, so please create a video file consisting of multiple still images and submit it.

Participation is possible.
Our project is committed to supporting new developments and leaps for characters, and we will provide full support to ensure they can appeal to a wide audience!

please do apply! High-quality works that have already been recognized are expected to make valuable contributions to the project!

There are no restrictions!
We look forward to your submissions at the optimal duration that best showcases the appeal of your video!

Of course! First,
try using generative AI tools to create characters, landscapes, music, etc.
Then, please submit the work you like!

There are many things you can do.
Please recommend creators or works that have inspired you by submitting their names (through a recommendation system).

The presentation will take place as one of the main events at “UPDATE EARTH2024” on March 20th, hosted by Miiike.

I recommend starting with image generation AI.
Please try it out and consider submitting your work. We look forward to it!

Anything is OK!
There are many different genres of movies in the world!

Of course!
Please start by applying to the technology contest.
This could lead to collaborative research with Takashi Miike, and your results might even be used in a new film!

A film is not just about beautiful leading men and women.
It truly comes to life when surrounded by a diverse cast of all ages and distinctive characters.

If you’re unsure, apply to both categories!

Please create a promotional video that highlights the charm of the AI character you have created!

Please create an “AI Technology Presentation Video” that showcases how your skills and technology can be utilized in AI film production!

Please join us at the “UPDATE EARTH 2024” event on March 2nd. We will be hosting a kickoff event!

Thank you! First, please register as a member. We will then contact you with the participation application form.

The event is free to attend. However, prior registration is required.

The venue is “Japan Totaler Green Dome Maebashi.” Please check the official website for more details.

Please read the “Application Guidelines” on the official website and proceed to the designated application form!

Yes, it is possible. Please note that each work requires a separate application.

It’s okay if it’s rough. Please fully convey the charm you have to Director Miike!

You can modify your work until the deadline. When submitting the revised version, please clearly indicate that it is a revision and resubmit it.